VTOL Technologies Ltd

VTOL Technologies is at the forefront of Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS] Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems [RPAS] for fixed network asset and infrastructure inspection and maintenance. We provide consultancy, RPAS aerial services and simulation and test of Concept of Operations [ConOps] as required for the development and deployment of RPAS systems for the energy (including offshore), oil and gas, logistics, defence, rail and urban development sectors.

With our 17 years of experience and expertise in RPAS we have developed a breakthrough technology that will take RPAS capability beyond the quad/hexcopter into a new world of precision flight below 400 feet and Beyond Visual Line Of Sight.

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Our Market Sectors

Our markets are not only global, but cover an extensive range of industry sectors and aerial inspection requirements. The opportunities for the company that can successfully deliver very-low altitude (below 400') long-range, long-endurance BVLOS aerial inspection solutions are substantial!


  • Electricity Distribution
  • Oil and Gas Distribution
  • Rail and Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Offshore & Wind Farms
  • Maritime
  • Agriculture
  • Future Cities
  • Defence and Security
Breakthrough Technology from VTOL Technologies

The Problem...

Today, customers either use manned helicopters or foot based personnel for many asset and infrastructure inspection tasks. The challenge is being able to repeat the inspection process safely, accurately, time after time and establish trend data delivering higher quality inspection information, whilst reducing the overall inspection task budget.

Not only do businesses need to drive down costs, but often the demands on today's networks means that inspection times need to be reduced whilst inspection frequency is having to be increased. The ability to inspect network based infrastructure more accurately, more consistently and at lower cost whilst reducing the need for manual inspection data post-processing is becoming a strategic objective.

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Come and Meet VTOL Technologies

Details of when and where we will next be exhibiting will appear here shortly.

VTOL Flight Demo for Amey

The Solution

Three critical technologies need to be incorporated in a new, long-endurance, precision-flight, flexible and "deployable anywhere" "drone" or RPAS platform. This new breakthrough platform is VTOL Technologies VTOL Flying Wing.

The three critical technologies are being combined with this unique airframe are high-accuracy GNSS [Global Navigation Satellite System], both short-range and medium-range, miniaturised collision-avoidance systems and persistent Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS] communications technologies.

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VTOL Technologies