About VTOL Technologies

VTOL Technologies Ltd was founded in 2008 with the goal of the development, subsequent sale and operational service provision of long-endurance, lightweight, portable, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS] Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems [RPAS], otherwise known as “drones”, targeted at network-based, linear-asset industries, providing a new, automated, much lower cost and safer aerial asset-inspection capability: The VTOL Flying Wing.

As well as interest in our technology coming from the energy distribution sectors and rail networks, there is an increasing appreciation of its capability for agricultural and humanitarian applications, amongst many others. The challenge for all of these industries up to now has been the availability of small, lightweight, RPAS that have the necessary endurance, manoeuvrability & safety capabilities to be able to successfully carry sophisticated sensor payloads with high precision accuracy and data collection over long distances. VTOL Technologies’ patented VTOL Flying Wing meets these challenges head-on; with the potential of delivering more than 2½ times the endurance of any known alternative RPAS of similar size & weight combined with exceptional manoeuvrability.

As interest grows in this field, our consultancy services in RPAS applications in Beyond Visual Line of Sight applications has become a key part of the company’s activities, with a particular focus on the identification and development of Concepts of Operations [ConOps] for aerial operations. Large utility and civil engineering businesses are looking to VTOL Technologies’ industry expertise as part of their decision making for their future strategic implementation of aerial robotics.

VTOL Technologies Ltd is based at the Rockwell Collins UK headquarters, on the Winnersh Triangle, near Reading. Rockwell Collins are a key industry partner for the delivery of BVLOS flight for small RPAS. The company is also working with a number of UK and European partners who are developing world-class breakthrough complementary technologies that will further enhance the exciting capabilities of our unique aircraft.