Why VTOL Technologies?

The Flying WingVTOL Technologies is at the forefront of Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS] Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems [RPAS] for network asset and infrastructure inspection and maintenance. We provide consultancy, RPAS aerial services and simulation for Concept of Operations [ConOps] testing, in the development and use of RPAS systems for the energy (including offshore), oil and gas, logistics, defence, rail and urban development industries. Our services include:


With our 17 years of experience and expertise in RPAS we have developed a breakthrough technology that will take RPAS capability beyond the quad/hexcopter into a new world of precision flight below 400 feet and Beyond Visual Line Of Sight.

Increased endurance, data download, advanced flight control systems, multi sensor payload, satellite geospatial technology and BVLOS capabilities will ensure that the VTOL Flying Wing provides our customers with the precision flight required for the new generation of miniaturised sensor technologies being deployed for network maintenance tasks. From power line and rail network inspection to pipeline surveillance and off shore wind farm maintenance, the VTOL Flying Wing will provide cost effective fixed network inspection capability.